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Mike Anderson
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Mining The Media Guest: Michael Anderson

G.K. and Dave of Mining the Media welcome Michael C. Anderson to discuss not only his published books but also his research involved in his work. Mike explains how our nation has come to the point to where we can no longer have civilized discussions on political topics.

Mining The Media
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Michael Storm chats with Michael Anderson

They chat about the tribal nature of American politics and the future of the American Political System

00:00 / 55:40
Toward Anarchy
The Power Hour
The Power Hour Podcast Logo

Dave Kreiger interviews Michael Anderson

These two explore how tribalism and idealism is tearing us apart—and what the solutions are.

Start the podcast at 36:30 to hear when Michael Anderson is up!

00:00 / 1:03:11
Lean To the Left Podcast Logo

Bob Getty and Michael Anderson

They get into why tribalism is a problem, how the media and corporations are making it worse, and more!

Start the podcast at 36:30 to hear when Michael Anderson is up!

00:00 / 35:47
Lean To The Left
Communication 24-7 Podcast Logo

Jen Furlong of Communication TwentyFourSeven and Michael Anderson

tackle tough conversations around our political differences and explore how education and collaboration can guide us toward solutions that transcend our current political impasse.

00:00 / 1:02:30
Communication 24-7
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