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Where it all started...

This is a time of disagreement and polarization in American politics caused by a clash of ideologies. It is imperative for Americans to communicate with each other about their political views and work together for the good of our country. When I saw the results of the tribalism that is destroying us, I began to research answers, publish my findings, and gather groups of reasonable individuals who agree on this imperative. Together, we're facilitating conversations that lead to understanding and sythesis.

Michael C. Anderson Headshot


Podcasts Introducing Michael Anderson's Research

Podcast 1 - Human Moral Foundations (Run-time: 15m 10s)

Explores how the left and right have different political moralities based partly on genetics.

Human Moral Foundations Podcast/Research

Podcast 2 - The Brain & Politics (Run-time: 14m 18s)

There are differences in the brains of liberals and conservatives that contribute to their worldview.

The Brain & Politics Podcast/Research

Podcast 3 - Tribalism (Run-time: 18m 5s)

Tribalism is the expression of uncertainty and fear caused by the disjointed American society.

Tribalism Podcast/Research

Podcast 4 - Evolution & Morality (Run-time: 18m 5s)

The variation in political morality between the left and right developed as an adaptation to different environments encountered by primitive man.

Evolution & Morality Podcast/Research

Podcast 5 - Moral Capital (Run-time: 14m 32s)

Moral capital is the glue that holds societies together and comprises family, local community, moral community, and patriotism.

Moral Capital Podcast/Research
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